Red Alert


What we have seen has really touched our hearts. It is really hard to see people sacrificing a lot just to survive and what is really pitying about it, children as young as 8 are already starting to work for their families. Their weak small bodies are already being tortured by the heavy loads they carry everyday.


They do it to make sure that there is food in their plates in evrery meal. They do it so that their stomach has something to digest. They do it to battle hunger.


Upon seeing them, there is only one thing that entered our minds, WE ARE VERY LUCKY.


We are blessed that some of us are able to eat three times a day without even breaking a sweat in return. We must be thankful that we are not using our weak undeveloped bodies at such a young age and most of all, we are very lucky that God gave us a wonderful life to use, share and cherish.


They say that everything has a purpose. Let us just assume that God planned that we, the more fortunate people, will help others who are not that lucky. We are the stewardesses of all the other things God created. God gave His full trust to us because He strongly believes that we can handle the job. Let us not disappoint him.


In behalf of the other participants, we just want to express our heart-felt gratitude to CICT for giving us the privilege to experience what it is like to be from Kanawan and for giving us the chance to help them even in the simplest way. May you continue sharing the excellence and extending sassistance to other people because it is really a big help in our part.


Again, Thank You and ’til we meet again! 😦


Rouanne Marie R. Ablog

The result of the Flag Ceremony Attendance Drive for February is now known.

For most number of attendees, top ten winners were: II-Adelfa under Miss Mary Ann Paje who got 789 total points; III-Acacia, Mrs. Edna Purugganan, 751; IV-Rizal, Mr. Angel Martinez Jr., 724; I-Masunurin, Ms. Nenita Reyno, 681; I-Mapagmahal, Mrs. Aida Arcellana, 655; II-Camia, Mr. Cenando Marquez, 631; I-Magalang, Mr. Christian Giron,630; II-Carnation, Mrs. Eugenia Rola, 622; I-Malinis, Ms. Ma. Isabel Albalos, 599; IV-Mabini, Mrs. Evelyn Vera Cruz, 586.

Based on percentage, winners were: II-Adelfa, 91%; II-Camia,, 86.32%; II-Carnation, 85.09%; I-Andrade, under Mr. Angel Palacpac, 84.56%; I-Mapagmahal, 83.76%; I-Masunurin, 83.46%; I-Magalang, 82.35%; IV-Rizal, 81.90%; III-Acacia, 81.81%; I-Armstrong, Ms.Maxima Alconcel, 78.91%.

This project of Citizenship Advancement Training (CAT) and Supreme Student Government (SSG) has started since January. # 

Camp Blog 2011


Mrs. Judeliza Refuerzo, Master Teacher II and MAPEH teacher receives her award from Vice Gov. DV Savellano and SPM Ronnie Rapanut. Refuerzo was awarded as Outstanding GSP Secondary Teacher during the Siglat Iskwela Search for Best School Practices Awards in the event of Kannawidan, the Ylocos Festival 2011. Refuerzo

Dove Notes

Jackelyn Faye Reyno

Wear the ID card

Every time a student enrolls in a school, needs to be familiar with the institution’s rules and regulations. He needs to follow these rules to develop discipline; an these rules also reflect the standards of the school.

The Ilocos Sur National High School therefore has rules that need to be followed. However, there are still some rules that students do not properly follow; and these should be therefore be given enough attention.

One must wear his identification card upon entering the school. However, there are still some students who are not getting inside the school just because they do not like to use the IDs and because they want to go to computer shops and other recreational establishments.

This should not be.

Even though DepEd has implemented the NO UNIFORM POLICY, parents still wanted their children to wear the school uniform. This has indeed helped the school identify the students from the outsiders. 

We have been always reminded to wear the proper attire with the ID.

The principal is serving as a role model to all of us. We should then follow him because he is a good example to all of us. #

Perfect Score. Kannawidan Quiz Bee winners (with bags, Andreev Bajet, Pamela Doctor and Alvan Castaneda) with coach Ms. Mary Ann Paje (in printed dress) together with Dr. Giovanni Velasco, Principal IV and Araling Panlipunan Head Teacher VI, Mrs. Evelyn de los Santos. #